Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I went for an upgrading course as a makeup artist few months back.
A course that is interesting and FUN!

Introducing my new toy... AirBrush Gun!
Some colours that comes with the course package.
 And the Airbrush cleaner in pink!
My first few lessons on paper.
It was not easy to practice on paper, but that's how we can learn to control our fingers.
 My last minute rainbow.
 My classmate Syikin
 My best product on paper...

I was very worried before my assignment day as i was away for 2 practical lessons!
And that was the only 2 lessons we get to practice for our assignment.
With the great help from my wonderful classmates, they messaged me tips during the practical lessons.
A very big thank you to Syikin, Lily and Lorraine!
Without you guys i might just have depression.
Thank you very much.

On the assignment day itself, i was there not very early.. But still manage to discuss with my classmates on the tips.
And also a very big Thank you to my lovely and pretty Model Rachel.
Without you, my assignment might have been a very bad experience. Thank you and big hugs.

Introducing my Model Rachel!
My Final exam piece!
My best ever piece for the whole airbrush course.
The outcome of the colours were perfect!
After weeks of waiting..
We all had very good RESULTS!
Thank you to our Cosmoprof Academy trainer Lily Leong
I'm glad to announce I'm a certified Airbrush Makeup Artist!

If you're interested in Airbrush makeup service, do feel free to contact me for more details.
 Contact details as follows!

Jean Ooi
Contact number: +65 9220 9657
Email: glamartistry.singapore@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GlamArtistry.JeanOoi

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