Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Apply False Lashes

In front of the mirror, take out the first lash. Fit the lash over your eye. If it is longer than your eye, you can trim the outer end of it to fit (be careful you want to do this a little at a time!)

Make sure your eye lid is clean and free from oil.

With clean hands, apply a thin coating of eyelash glue (i recommend Duo or LashGrip) to the base of the false eyelashes.

Hold on to the eyelash and wait for it to dry alittle (10 to 20 seconds)
Lie the base of false eye lash staring from the inner to the outter corner of the eye. Once you apply, make sure it is lying naturally. If not, you can use your fingers to move it around until it is.

Press down on the lash for about 10 secs (for it to set) Do not panic if you see white traces of glue oozing out. use a cotton bud to slowly remove the excess.

Do the same thing for the other eye.

 Tips & Tricks

You can reuse the lashes for a week, or if before a week the bone is damaged (ie: becomes very soft and fragile)

Remove the lashes carefully and slowly. Start from the corner of your eye.

For a natural finish, you might want to curl your lashes and apply mascara first BEFORE you put on the false lashes.

Remember not to curl your eyelashes after using mascara, this will damage your own eyelashes.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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